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The news that Professor Marcus Deighton has developed a technique to bring the dead back to life – a process known as
rejuvenation – is immediately met by hysteria within the media and a polarisation in society. . .
ISBN 9781852001704 / 217x140mm / hardback / 262pp / £17.95
The Rejuvenation Project cover.jpg
THE CARVED ANGEL by John Hutchins
When 14-year-old Tommy Wagstaff starts work as a miner in North Yorkshire his father carves him a small angel out of wood
protect him wherever he goes’. This is soon put to the test when arrogant Archie Tilsley causes an explosion in the mine. . .
ISBN 9781852001711 / 217x140mm / hardback / 196pp / £16.95
Angel Cover.jpg
EVIL WOMAN. . . Takes Revenge by Carol M. Creasey
Having spent four years locked up following a crime she didn’t do, Sadie Morton-Brown once again uses her seductive
charm to convince the authorities, male and female, that she is no longer a danger to society.
ISBN 9781852001742 / 217x140mm / hardback / 214pp / £16.95
Evil Woman Takes Revenge Cover.jpg
FROM THE BANKS OF THE TAMAR – (paperback & hardback editions) by Ted Sherrell
In this latest anthology of short stories Ted Sherrell has captured, through the lives of individual characters, the spirit
of 1950s village life on the banks of the Tamar river in Devon.
ISBN 9781852001773 / 212x135mm / paperback /208pp / £8.95 or ISBN 9781852001766 / 217x140mm / hardback / £16.95
From the Banks of the Tamar.jpg
THE POWER OF LOVE by Carol M. Creasey
The late 1950s and early 60s is not a good time for unmarried teenage mothers; so when Laura Clark finds herself in just
this situation, it is her own feisty naivety that propels her to keep her baby son Matthew.
ISBN 9781852001810 / 217x140mm / hardback / 215pp / £16.95
Power of Love.jpg
Return Cover.jpg
RETURN JOURNEY by Valentine Barnes
The author Valentine Barnes invites you to accompany him on a ‘Return Journey’. It is a journey spanning over 70 years
and a period of time in which he recalls, in both prose and poetry, the many and varied experiences he has undergone.
ISBN 9781852001827 / 217x140mm / hardback / 180pp / £16.95
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