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IT’S A JUNGLE IN THERE! by Helen Darby
Obsessions, compulsions, additions and other such swamps of the mind. This is a self-help book for anyone suffering from
some kind of obsessive, compulsive or addictive behaviour, or perhaps a phobia.
ISBN 9781852001179 / 217x140mm / hardback / 233pp / £16.95
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Colin Edwards has picked fifty favourite British sports personalities and compiled detailed biographies based on the
chronological order of events throughout their careers.
ISBN 9781852000813 / 217x140mm / hardback / 300pp / illustrations / £16.95
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DISCTECH - A Theory about Alien Technology by Robert Kingsley Morison
There is abundant evidence that alien astronauts are exploring Planet Earth. The vehicles observed have no visible means of
support such as rocket propulsion, jet engines, rotor blades or wings, although they must be counteracting the force of gravity.
ISBN 9781852000738 / 217x140mm / hardback / 120pp / illustrations / £14.95
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Non-fiction General Interest
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COPING WITH DEATH by Leslie Scrase                                      
In this short book author Leslie Scrase helps to uncover and explain those emotions felt when having to deal with death,
something we will all be involved with during various parts of our lives . . .
ISBN 9781852001353/ 217x135mm / softback / 93pp / £8.50
Coping With cover.jpg
JACOBITES by Pamela Hill                                  
Pamela Hill’s new chronicle of Jacobite history is probably the most comprehensive ever written . . .
A tremendously well-researched work containing the stories of those who sought to regain for Scotland its correct heritage.
ISBN 9781852001292 / 217x140mm / hardback / 174pp / £16.95
AN UNBELIEVER’S GUIDE TO THE BIBLE - including the Apocrypha by Leslie Scrase
With this book Leslie Scrase thoughtfully explains to readers exactly how the writing of the Bible was compiled over the two
thousand years that it came into existence, he expands on what it means to the various different religions and, perhaps. . .
ISBN 9781852001469 / 217x140mm / hardback / 275pp / £17.95
FORGOTTEN GENIUS - a Celebration of Past Engineering Craftsmanship by Arnold J. Wade
All around Britain lie the relics of past engineering genius. Many of these are in museums, some lie half-buried in disuse,
and a few still help to provide a living in the 21st century. However, there is no doubt whatsoever that those who crafted. . .
ISBN 9781852001544 / 217x140mm / hardback / 145pp / £15.95
Forgotten Genius cover.jpg
THE FOUR GOSPELS THROUGH AN OUTSIDE WINDOW by Leslie Scrase                                  
As an appreciative but critical commentary on the four Bible Gospels, this is consequently, and most importantly, an in-depth
study of the Gospel portrayals of Jesus himself. . .
ISBN 9781852001599 / 217x140mm / hardback / 169pp / £16.95
Gospels cover(medium).jpg
BELIEF, UNBELIEF, ETHICS AND LIFE by Leslie Scrase                                  
We all want to know how to achieve good, positive, satisfying, fulfilling and happy lives, and at its heart this book helps  
enable us to obtain the understanding necessary to attain these positive attributes. . .
ISBN 9781852001650 / 217x140mm / hardback / 138pp / £15.95
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