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ISBN: 9781852001179
Size: 217x140mm
Binding: hardback
Length: 233pp
Price: £16.95
IT’S A JUNGLE IN THERE! by Helen Darby

This is a self-help book for anyone suffering from some kind of obsessive, compulsive or addictive behaviour, or perhaps a pho bia.
    It could be an eating problem like anorexia or bulimia, obsessive compulsions which make you have to repeat rituals dozens of times a day, alcoholism, agoraphobia, fear of vomit, maybe you can’t stand the thought of yet another panic attack, or you have a psychosomatic illness which will not go.
   Where others might have suggested you stop, or encouraged, bribed and cajoled you, this book is different. It shows you, clearly and simply, how your emotional mind can be responsible for a wide range of disorders. As you begin to understand why a disorder exists, so you can use your new-found understanding to move forwards.
    There are chapters detailing the pros and cons of different therapies and it gives you the opportunity to answer questions about yourself, helping you move away from the disorders of your past and work towards a fulfilling future.
    The author also offers on-line support if needed, allowing sufferers to find help confidentially.
   So this ground-breaking approach might just be the one that really can change your life.

Helen Darby

The author has worked successfully with all the disorders detailed in this book. She has qualifications in counselling, clinical hypnotherapy, child protection and issues related to child abuse and transactional analysis.
    As a therapist she has worked in doctors’ surgeries and private consulting rooms and been involved in setting up an eating disorders helpline. She has also worked as a course writer and lecturer for Stonebridge Associated Colleges on a wide range of counselling and health-related subjects.
    Using all her professionally gained experience, Helen Darby has written this book to open readers ’ minds, informing them in an easily understandable way how the mind works, why specific disorders occur and the types of therapy available.
Non-Fiction General Interest
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