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ISBN: 9781852000738
Size: 217x140mm
Binding: hardback
Length: 120pp
Price: £14.95
DISCTECH - A Theory about Alien Technology by Robert Kingsley Morison

There is abundant evidence that alien astronauts are exploring Planet Earth. The vehicles observed have no visible means of support such as rocket propulsion, jet engines, rotor blades or wings, although they must be counteracting the force of gravity.
     But how? For half a century no one had the faintest idea. It is one mystery driving scientists frantic. Another one is the actual cause of gravity: this has never been discovered, and there is no satisfactory explanation in any text-book.
    Disctech responds to both challenges. The combined intellectual experiments of Krafft and Gulko result in a theory about gravity, and this fits in brilliantly with C.E. Last’s gravitational theory and with speculations about infinity.
     Robert Morison responds to the challenge of intrusive astronauts, firstly by looking at encounters characterised by forcefield effects, and secondly by devising a cunning plan for cancelling gravity.
     He also considers the relevant issues of the track record of science in the past, New Age attitudes to the Universe, extraterrestrials’ attitudes to us and the significance of crop circle artwork.
    If his levitation idea works, the release of Disctech will place immense power in the hands of the people.
     Fortunately for aficionados of the unexplained, air force authorities and intelligence agencies will not be able to put the book down.

Robert Kingsley Morison

The Morisons of Perth were printing and publishing books in the eighteenth century.
     After passing the school certificate exam, the author worked as a radio mechanic in London (1941-44) and as a radar mechanic in the Royal Navy (1944-47).
     For the next 28 years he was mainly occupied in electronics, including 7 years in technical writing. From 1976 to 1990 he served in the London office of a leading firm of chartered accountants as a proofreader.
     His father - an East Anglian clergyman - died on 1st June 1950 (three weeks after Robert became interested in precognition and antimaterialist philosophies).
     He was unacquainted with the UFO scene until early 1956; yet before 1970 he had a brainwave which motivated his writing.
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