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LEGCAPPED by Ian J. Heading
This is a truly moving account of Daran, a little boy diagnosed not to live beyond the age of two due to a particularly severe
form of spinal muscular atrophy known as Werdnig-Hoffman disease.
ISBN 9781852001445 / 217x140mm / hardback / 299pp / £17.95
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THE RAGGED TROUSERED AIRMAN by Jack Davidson                                  
Jack Davidson’s account of his years in the RAF during World War II is told with an honest approach that also
reflects his great sense of irony.
ISBN 9781852001452 / 217x140mm / hardback / 186pp(approx) / £16.95
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SPEAK SWAHILI, DAMMIT! by James Penhaligon                                  
An inspiring biographical account of a young boy’s chaotic life in a remote, wild, corner of East Africa.
    Born in Africa, James’s childhood is spent on an isolated gold-mine near Lake Victoria, Tanganyika, with just his sister. . .
ISBN 9781852001483 / 217x140mm / hardback / 330pp / £17.95
WHAT NEXT? by Nancy Vlasto                                                  
Nancy Vlasto has led an extraordinary life. Born to a famous surgeon in the roaring ’20s, she began life in a comfortable
Bayswater home complete with servants. By age nine, she was starring in a Pathé newsreel as a young tennis star.
ISBN 9781852001490 / 217x140mm / hardback / 296pp / 80+photos / £18.95
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YES DAD, I WANT TO GO TO SEA! by Eric Kemp                                  
Even during his childhood days in the Cornish fishing town of St. Ives, Eric Kemp knew he was bound for a life at sea. While
his mother was cooking pasties in ‘the slab’, better known as a Cornish range, young Eric would be upstairs watching ships. . .
ISBN 9781852001537 / 217x140mm / hardback / 136pp / 48 b&w photos / £15.95
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COME HOME, SAILOR by Eric Kemp                                  
Following his book Yes Dad, I Want to Go to Sea!, Eric Kemp continues his story with his career change from lengthy
deep-sea voyages, to a more family friendly lifestyle working from Penzance for the Trinity House Steam Vessel. . .
ISBN 9781852001728 / 217x140mm / hardback / 181pp / 42 b&w photos / £16.95
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CRYING IN THE LINEN CUPBOARD. . . and Laughing in the Sluice by Margaret Morris
Trials and Triumphs of Trainee Nurses in the 1950s
1948, and in austerity Britain, food, clothing and fuel are still tightly rationed. The country is tired, shabby and bankrupt. . .
ISBN 9781852001735 / 217x140mm / hardback / 193pp / £16.95
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A Journey from Shipyard Apprentice to Opera Singer
Born into a typical 1929 working class family in Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, Alan Workman remembers his early life. . .
ISBN 9781852001759 / 217x140mm / hardback / 393pp / 41 b&w photographs / £17.95
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DRIVEN CRAZY – My Life With Cars & Other Vehicles by Leslie Scrase                                  
Sometimes it’s easy to imagine cars are just for getting from ‘a’ to ‘b’ – but we all know deep down that each vehicle has a
character of its own. In this humorously offbeat and unusual book we share in Leslie Scrase’s life through his automotive. . .
ISBN 9781852001797 / 217x140mm / hardback / 163pp / 17 b&w photos / £16.95
Driven Cover.jpg
Traversing Fifteen Southern Counties of England
The text in this book is taken entirely from the 1842 hand-written travelogue of James Barnes, who, with his wife Mary. . .
ISBN 9781852001803 / 217x140mm / hardback / 171pp / 50 b&w illustrations / £16.95
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