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ISBN: 9781852000578
Size: 217x140mm
Binding: hardback
Length: 202pp
b/w photos
Price: £13.95

WHERE THERE’S A WILL – A Year in Canada by Mavis Gore

It is now over 50 years since Mavis and Jeff’s year in Canada in the late 1950s, and Where There’s a Will is an entertainingly written, often light-hearted account of that young couple’s Canadian experiences.
     Arriving in Toronto from London late in November, with little money and in freezing temperatures, their initial impression was not good. And it did not improve when Jeff lost his job and they discovered Mavis was expecting their first baby in a country with no health care.
     A joking reference to a better life in Vancouver led the young couple, she six and a half months pregnant, on a journey travelling alone across 3,000 miles by car, through bush, forests, prairies and mountains to British Columbia. Much of the journey was on gravel roads in uninhabited countryside, encountering snow, hail, dust and rain storms – and, of course, the inevitable car trouble!
     Eventually they arrived safely in Vancouver and fell in love with the place instantly. They found employment but no suitable accommodation, and their baby son was born while they lived in an attic in a house due for demolition!
    The book ends on a happy note a year after their arrival in Canada.

Mavis Gore

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Mavis Gore subsequently moved to London before living in Canada as a newly-wed in the late 1950s; an experience which led to this book.
    Once back in England, with four children all at school, she studied for and achieved a Degree and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, becoming a teacher working in secondary and further education.
    She has travelled extensively in Europe, Canada, the USA and Australia, and has interests other than writing which are as varied as camping in the great outdoors to visiting famous museums, galleries and buildings in big cities.
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