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BRAVE LITTLE DUTCH GIRL by Wilhelmina Harris
The ‘brave little Dutch girl’ was Wilhelmina Harris’s sister Dicky, who rode off on her bicycle and braved the bitterly cold
weather to bring back what little food could be gleaned in the dark days of hunger, which were intentionally inflicted by the ...
ISBN 9781852001063 / 217x140mm / hardback / 176pp / 22 photos / £16.95
Dutch cover.jpg
The hardships of Charlie Workman’s early life during the 1920s and 30s in Barrow-in-Furness, were a good grounding for
his wartime experiences in the Merchant Navy.
ISBN 9781852001087 / 217x140mm / hardback / 211pp / £16.95
Hardships cover.jpg
WHAT IF GOD’S A BULLOCK? by Angela E. Lord
Angela Lord’s humorous autobiography dwells on the amusing events and characters that have featured in her life.
    At the beginning are recollections of her early childhood and the funny incidents surrounding her upbringing and ...
ISBN 9781852001100 / 217x140mm / hardback / 147pp / 48 photos /£16.95
Bullock cover.jpg
Following Ingrid Jacoby’s first published diary, which dealt with her wartime arrival in Britain under the Kindertransport
movement at the age of 12 and subsequent life through to 1944, Ingrid Jacoby’s second My Darling Diary records her ...
ISBN 9781852001230 / 217x140mm / hardback / 412pp / £18.95
Darling Diary Vol. Two- cover.jpg
OUR MAM by Jean Cooper                                                  
Jean Cooper’s Mam, Violet May Coulton, lived to be 100 years of age and the story spanning those years from 1905-2006 is
told here via memories and photographs.
ISBN 9781852001315 / 217x140mm / hardback / 80pp / 58 photos / £14.95
Our Mam cover
MY DARLING DIARY – Volume Three by Ingrid Jacoby                                  
In her third diary we follow Ingrid Jacoby’s life through the first half of the 1950s from the age of 23 to 26 years.
Still in Oxford and now working for Rosenthals’ Antiquarian Booksellers, she records relationships between all her work. . .
ISBN 9781852001360 / 217x140mm / hardback / 372pp / 26 b/w illus / £18.95
Darling Diary III
BEYOND THE BYPASS – to every state in America by Mavis Gore                                                  
Travelling through every state in the USA is something few people will ever achieve, even those residing in that country,
and certainly not in the style of Mavis Gore and her husband Jeff.
ISBN 9781852001377 / 217x140mm / hardback / 306pp / 50 colour photos / £18.95
Beyond cover.eps
LEGCAPPED by Ian J. Heading
This is a truly moving account of Daran, a little boy diagnosed not to live beyond the age of two due to a particularly severe
form of spinal muscular atrophy known as Werdnig-Hoffman disease.
ISBN 9781852001445 / 217x140mm / hardback / 299pp / £17.95
Legcapped cover.jpg
THE RAGGED TROUSERED AIRMAN by Jack Davidson                                  
Jack Davidson’s account of his years in the RAF during World War II is told with an honest approach that also
reflects his great sense of irony.
ISBN 9781852001452 / 217x140mm / hardback / 186pp(approx) / £16.95
Airman cover.jpg
WHAT NEXT? by Nancy Vlasto                                                  
Nancy Vlasto has led an extraordinary life. Born to a famous surgeon in the roaring ’20s, she began life in a comfortable
Bayswater home complete with servants. By age nine, she was starring in a Pathé newsreel as a young tennis star.
ISBN 9781852001490 / 217x140mm / hardback / 296pp / 80+photos / £18.95
What's Next? cover.jpg
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