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ISBN: 9781852001650
Size: 217x140mm
Binding: hardback
Length: 138pp
Price: £15.95

by Leslie Scrase

We all want to know how to achieve good, positive, satisfying, fulfilling and happy lives, and at its heart this book helps enable us to obtain the understanding necessary to attain these positive attributes.
    Leslie Scrase’s thoughtful and straightforward approach to the weighty subject matter of the title make it interesting and accessible. By racing through history and whizzing selectively around the world, we can see that belief and unbelief have always lived side by side and that belief has developed from very primitive beginnings to metamorphose into the major religions of today.
    Philosophical thinking spans both religion and unbelief, but it is less well known that ethics is also a subject that spans both. Believers and unbelievers have always been concerned with trying to pin down the values and principles by which people should try to live.
    So the primary purpose of this book is to paint a picture of human thought and endeavour which may help us as we think about our own lives and how best to live them.

Leslie Scrase

Leslie Scrase was a Methodist Minister for almost twenty years, during which he served for three years as Principal of the Medak Bible School in South India.
     After leaving the church he joined the British Humanist Association and other humanist, secular and ethical groups. He has lectured for them and for the WEA on the subjects of this book and he continues to work as an independent humanist celebrant.
     Apart from a number of philosophically thought-provoking books, Leslie Scrase has written many other books and works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
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