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ISBN: 9781852001674
Size: 212x135mm
Binding: paperback
Length: 141pp
Price: £8.95
THE X TRACTOR – Cornwall’s Culling Plan
by Peter Spencer with illustrations by Rory Donald

Beneath the cream tea, pasty, pisky and second home owner surface of the county of Cornwall live those indigenous people trying to keep their heads above the surrounding waves. And author Peter Spencer, having just retired as an
on-screen political correspondent with Sky News, suspects that in hard times seagulls have been replaced by tractors flying over the cliffs. It is this tractor culling conspiracy theory, and the reason behind it, that touches each of the colourful characters and the humorous tales within this book.
     These stories present a whimsical, varied and often satirical perspective on the lives of ordinary Cornish folk. Pitched at adults, locals and visitors alike, the humour has a sardonic edge, although the portraits are generally affectionate and often touching.
     From his Cornish base the author has teamed up with artist Rory Donald, who with his own unique style gives readers an instant insight into these characters and stories from the lower Celtic fringe of Great Britain.

Peter Spencer

Peter Spencer -- Sky Pic.jpg
Journalist and broadcaster Peter Spencer wrote for the Daily Mail, Sun, Daily Express and London’s two evening newspapers before becoming a radio and television broadcaster. For two decades he was an on-screen Political Correspondent for Sky News, and in the course of his career had dealings with nine Prime Ministers, travelling abroad with three of them. With his trademark monocle, cigarette holder and what appeared to be a dragon-fur cape he cut a colourful character in Westminster. Once he even arrested the tide of political history by blocking the front door of Tony Blair’s London home with his pink Mercedes. For better or for worse, the newly elected Prime Minister did eventually complete the journey to Downing Street.  And cordial relations between journalist and politician were quickly restored thanks to their shared passion for electric guitars.
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