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ISBN: 9781852001766
Size: 217x140mm
Binding: hardback
Length: 208pp
Price: £16.95
ISBN: 9781852001773
Size: 212x135mm
Binding: paperback
Length: 208pp
Price: £8.95
Stories of Country Characters from the 1950s

by Ted Sherrell

In this latest anthology of short stories Ted Sherrell has captured, through the lives of individual characters, the spirit of 1950s village life on the banks of the Tamar river in Devon.
     We meet ‘Deadeye’ Dawkins with his antics to beat his brother in the local produce show, Jim Burnham the village dodgy dealer, farmer Pym Harper, poacher Cuthbert Wells, postman Alfie Spooner, the Reverend Luke Maxwell, and Ronald Penrose, chemist and local film entrepreneur, and together with the other country folk who meander within their individual tales, these characters reflect the heart of the community that existed in 1950s rural Devon. With the slow improvement of the economy and the ending of rationing it is a period of great hope and much anticipation for a brighter and more prosperous future.
     Brought up himself on the banks of the River Tamar, Ted Sherrell is able to utilise his intimate knowledge of the people and places of the area to bring his stories to life, depicting them with an entertaining mixture of humour, sadness, love and occasional despair, but always with a sense of belonging within a close and caring village community.

Ted Sherrell

Born and educated in West Devon, Ted Sherrell has had an interesting and most diverse working career; past work including being a civil servant, newspaper reporter, fireman, factory worker, door-to-door salesman, insurance agent, shopkeeper, proofreader and as a business adviser calling principally on farms in Devon and Cornwall.
     A farmer’s son, he has worked amongst and been around the farming and rural communities of Devonshire for most of his life. He draws greatly upon this background – plus his various working experiences – when writing his novels and short stories.
     In past years he gained an Honours Degree in History through a correspondence course and, as well as his writing career, Ted Sherrell has for many years been involved in local government as a member of Tavistock Town Council and West Devon Borough Council. He is also a Justice of the Peace.
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Following the huge success of this title in hardback it is
now also available in paperback - Fiction
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